Revenue Studio

Up to 7%
performance margin

Revenue Studio provides you with a datascientist team and a platform that uses artificial intelligence to rigorously and transparently organize the setting and evolution of your discount rates. Now, AI is directly serving your margins, for performance.

Earn up to
7% of marge during your sales.

In today’s ultra-competitive environment,
Revenue Studio offers you what matters most: additional margin.

Fix your markdown upstream.

With Revenue Studio, you decide.
You set your target discount rate,
we study your data and optimize your discount rates.

Manage all your constraints.

A product category that should not be discounted?
A category of products with a minimum margin to respect?
Revenue Studio allows you to manage constraints and adjust in real time.

Adopt an
efficient organization

Our consultants support you throughout the process,
providing the optimizations calculated by our algorithms.
No revolution, just results.

“With Revenue Studio, we have gained up to 7 margin points during our business operations. We make money and the teams collaborate in a simple and transparent process.

Grégoire de Tilly,
CEO, Smallable

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