A complete business operations management platform

Revenue Studio is a complete tool for managing your business operations. Upstream for the preparation, collaboration and optimization of your discount rates, downstream to observe and adjust. Thanks to us, you save time and you capture adding margin.

Your business operation

All your framing constraints and rules

with your whole team


the performance of your operations

Manage your commercial operations.

Nowadays, you set discounts based on constraints such as ability to sell stocks out, its age, its value, its volume or seasonality. It is a “suffered model” and where it is difficult to control its margin at the end.

Revenue Studio reverses the model. You set your target discount rate. Our algorithm then takes care of setting the individual rates for each product while respecting all the constraints that you and your team give it. It optimizes the margin by aiming for maximum product flow.

Centralize your constraints.

Nowadays preparing a commercial operation is a tedious process where many stakeholders give their constraints to a project manager who works on Excel. The constraints are not systematically traced and no one really controls their impact on the discount rate target.

With Revenue Studio, each member of the team can easily record their operational constraints. Our algorithm takes them into account, in real time, to adjust the discount rates. You can create global rules relating to a department, a style, a season, a size or specific to a particular product. They allow you to set up “shields” to defend your margin or to manage exceptions related to your purchasing constraints.

Collaborate with your whole team.

Designed to encourage teamwork, Revenue Studio allows everyone to collaborate in a transparent process. Actions are recorded in a journal where it is possible to follow the implementation of a commercial operation, from the first to the last markdown.

Visualize, control,

Our algorithm is not a black box! You can check the results of its calculations at any time and make sure that they are consistent with your merchandising plan and your business objectives.

Follow the performance of your products in real time.

Revenue Studio gives you key information about each product during the operation, such as flow speed or price elasticity, and alerts you when anomalies are detected.