Smart management of discount rates

Beyond the simple figure, the optimized management of discount rates means better positioning your brand for consumers, effortlessly developing your margin and buying better in N + 1.

1. Positioning
your Brand

Consumers know that discount rates are an expression of brand positioning. Luxury doesn’t, low cost brands are on permanent discount. Therefore, better managing your discount rates is a fundamental message to your customers.

2. Collect margin points

Most companies base their discount rates on their sales capacity and the age of the stock, corrected for specific rules. They suffer their discount rate and do not control the margin. Revenue Studio reverses the problem by defending your target discount rate.

3. Better Buying

Consumers know that discount rates are an Thanks to the “discount rate management”, you will discover the real curve of your products flow at the price that suits you.
You can finally buy the right quantities that guarantee the target margin.

How Revenue Studio works

1. Revenue Studio validates my eligibility
2. Our algorithm is operational within 4 weeks
3. Our consultants work with you to earn margin points